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Starting with an overview of spectral theory on Hilbert spaces, the book proceeds to a description of the basic notions in Riemannian geometry. Then its makes its way to topics of main interests in spectral geometry.

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The topics presented include direct and inverse problems. For readers interested in pursuing the subject further, this book will provide a basis for understanding principles, concepts and developments of spectral geometry.

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Keywords: Spectral theory, linear operators, spectrum of operators, spectral geometry, eigenvalues, Laplacian, inverse problems, Riemannian geometry, analysis on manifolds. MAA review. It begins with the basics of normed linear spaces and quickly proceeds to concentrate on Hilbert spaces, specifically the spectral theorem for bounded as well as unbounded operators in separable Hilbert spaces.

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While the first two chapters are devoted to basic propositions concerning normed vector spaces and Hilbert spaces, the third chapter treats advanced topics which are perhaps not standard in a first course on functional analysis. After this detour into operator algebras, the fourth chapter reverts to more standard operator theory in Hilbert space, dwelling on topics such as the spectral theorem for normal operators, the polar decomposition theorem, and the Fredholm theory for compact operators. A brief introduction to the theory of unbounded operators on Hilbert space is given in the fifth and final chapter. There is a voluminous appendix whose purpose is to fill in possible gaps in the reader's background in various areas such as linear algebra, topology, set theory and measure theory.

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The book is interspersed with many exercises, and hints are provided for the solutions to the more challenging of these. Unbounded Operators. A1 Some linear algebra. A2 Transfinite considerations.

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Some Operator Theory.