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The Torch of Certainty Nges-don sgron-me by Jamgong Kongtrul is an important text to read before asking the master for oral transmission and beginning the Ngondro preliminary practices. Before starting with the first foundation, the practitioner should first contemplate on the four ordinary foundations, which are thoughts that turn the mind towards religion.

four ordinary foundations of Buddhist practice =: Tün mong gi ngön dro shi

These are reflecting on the preciousness of the human body, impermanence, karmic action, cause and results and shortcomings of Samsara. The precious human body has eight opportunities and ten blessings, not being tortured by extreme heat or cold like the hell beings, not being constantly tormented by unsatisfied cravings like the hungry ghosts, not being ignorant and persecuted like the animals, not being unfortunate enough to be born in a country untouched by Dharma, not holding perverted views and having a natural dislike for the Dharma, being born in an age where a Buddha has come to teach the precious Dharma and not being deaf and mute and unable to understand Dharma in a world without language.

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The human body is however easily lost as we are constantly threatened by potentially fatal circumstances such as flood, fire, earthquakes, epidemics, tsunamis etc. It is certain that we would die yet when we would die is uncertain. We tend to accumulate negative karma instead of positive karma and hence it is difficult to gain the opportunity to be reborn with a precious human body.

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In the short time we have, we should make fullest use of our blessings by directing our practice towards achieving Buddhahood. Impermanence affects all worldly conditions, all living beings and even material substances are eventually destroyed.

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While we are happy, we do not think of old age, death or losing our health or wealth. Yet they inevitably occur due to impermanence. Condition: New.

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During the fifth century before our era, a tremendous explosion of Philosophical thought appeared on the earth. During this time, the Buddha began delivering a remarkable set of teachings. When Tibet became a Buddhist nation Beginning in the eighth century A. The great Indian scholar Atisa brought the four foundations of practice to Tibet in the eleventh century.

Four Ordinary Foundations of Buddhist Practice (Hardback)

These four foundations are identical to the "four Thoughts that turn the mind towards dharma" that were taught by the great meditator Gampopa. He elaborated on these and these four thoughts have served to Help thousands of students in Tibet to understand why they should begin Dharma practice. Because these four thoughts are the basic reason for practicing dharma, they are said to be the four General foundations of Buddhist practice.

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These foundations are general to all levels and all sects of Buddhism and can be contrasted to the four special foundations Tib. Contents: Foreword 1. Precious Human Birth 2.

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