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On-demand degrafting and the study of molecular weight and grafting density of poly methyl methacrylate brushes on flat silica substrates. Creating surface patterns of polymer brushes by degrafting via tetrabutyl ammonium fluoride Rsc Advances. Self-folding of polymer sheets using microwaves and graphene ink Rsc Advances. Direct measurement of molecular weight and grafting density by controlled and quantitative degrafting of surface-anchored poly methyl methacrylate Acs Macro Letters.

Making polymer brush photosensitive with azobenzene containing surfactants Polymer United Kingdom. Toward the development of a versatile functionalized silicone coating. Evolution of homopolymer thin-film instability on surface-anchored diblock copolymers varying in composition.

Adsorption of "soft" spherical particles onto sinusoidally-corrugated substrates. Swelling of polyelectrolyte and polyzwitterion brushes by humid vapors. Journal of the American Chemical Society. Adsorption of multiple spherical particles onto sinusoidally corrugated substrates. Simple geometric model to describe self-folding of polymer sheets. Physical Review. Three-dimensional folding of pre-strained polymer sheets via absorption of laser light Journal of Applied Physics. In-plane deformation of shape memory polymer sheets programmed using only scissors Polymer United Kingdom.

Opto-mechanical scission of polymer chains in photosensitive diblock-copolymer brushes. Microfluidic channels fabricated from poly vinylmethylsiloxane networks that resist swelling by organic solvents.

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Elastomeric microparticles for acoustic mediated bioseparations. Journal of Nanobiotechnology. Water-wettable polypropylene fibers by facile surface treatment based on soy proteins. Generation and properties of antibacterial coatings based on electrostatic attachment of silver nanoparticles to protein-coated polypropylene fibers. On the surface interactions of proteins with lignin. Surface wrinkling by chemical modification of poly dimethylsiloxane -based networks during sputtering Soft Matter. Self-assembly fronts in collision: Impinging ordering organosilane layers Soft Matter.

Effect of protein-like copolymers composition on the phase separation dynamics of a polymer blend: A Monte Carlo simulation Macromolecules. Computer simulation of template polymerization using a controlled reaction scheme Macromolecules. Progress in computer simulation of bulk, confined, and surface-initiated polymerizations Macromolecular Theory and Simulations. Formation and antifouling properties of amphiphilic coatings on polypropylene fibers. Oligomer orientation in vapor-molecular-layer-deposited alkyl-aromatic polyamide films Langmuir.

Generation of functional coatings on hydrophobic surfaces through deposition of denatured proteins followed by grafting from polymerization. Time dependence of lysozyme adsorption on end-grafted polymer layers of variable grafting density and length. Formation of polyampholyte brushes via controlled radical polymerization and their assembly in solution. Surface-bound gradients for studies of soft materials behavior Annual Review of Materials Research. Interfacial stabilization of bilayered nanolaminates by asymmetric block copolymers Applied Physics Letters.

The effect of confinement on thermal frontal polymerization Polymer Chemistry.

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Self-folding of polymer sheets using local light absorption Soft Matter. Computer simulation of concurrent bulk- and surface-initiated living polymerization Macromolecules. Applications of surface-grafted macromolecules derived from post-polymerization modification reactions Progress in Polymer Science. Simultaneous bulk- and surface-initiated controlled radical polymerization from planar substrates. Metallothionein-inspired prototype of molecular pincer. Chemical Communications Cambridge, England.

Poly 2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate for enzyme immobilization: impact on activity and stability of horseradish peroxidase. Multilayers of weak polyelectrolytes of low and high molecular mass assembled on polypropylene and self-assembled hydrophobic surfaces. Poly vinylmethylsiloxane elastomer networks as functional materials for cell adhesion and migration studies. Effect of copolymer compatibilizer sequence on the dynamics of phase separation of immiscible binary homopolymer blends Soft Matter. Block copolymer self-organization vs.

Photochromic materials with tunable color and mechanical flexibility Soft Matter. Phase separation dynamics for a polymer blend compatibilized by protein-like copolymers: A Monte Carlo simulation Macromolecules. Cloud point suppression in dilute solutions of model gradient copolymers with prespecified composition profiles Journal of Polymer Science, Part B: Polymer Physics.

Neutron reflectometry of supported hybrid bilayers with inserted peptide. Polymer nanotubules obtained by layer-by-layer deposition within AAO-membrane templates with subnm pore diameters. Adsorption of a nonionic symmetric triblock copolymer on surfaces with different hydrophobicity. Emerging applications of stimuli-responsive polymer materials. Nature Materials. Simulation of mechanically-Assembled monolayers in poor solvent using discontinuous molecular dynamics Macromolecules. Computer simulation of controlled radical polymerization: Effect of chain confinement due to initiator grafting density and solvent quality in "grafting from" method Macromolecules.

Investigating the molecular origins of responsiveness in functional silicone elastomer networks Macromolecules. Protein-like copolymers PLCs as compatibilizers for homopolymer blends Macromolecules. Controlling comonomer distribution in random copolymers by chemical coloring of surface-tethered homopolymers: An insight from discontinuous molecular dynamics simulation Langmuir. Surface and friction behavior of a silicone surfactant adsorbed on model textiles substrates Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research.

Formation of silicone elastomer networks films with gradients in modulus Polymer. Macromolecular Rapid Communications. Formation of surface-grafted polymeric amphiphilic coatings comprising ethylene glycol and fluorinated groups and their response to protein adsorption. Asphaltene adsorption onto self-assembled monolayers of alkyltrichlorosilanes of varying chain length.

Development and testing of hierarchically wrinkled coatings for marine antifouling. Tuning gold nanoparticle-poly 2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate brush interactions: from reversible swelling to capture and release. Asphaltene adsorption onto self-assembled monolayers of mixed aromatic and aliphatic trichlorosilanes. Rapid removal of organics and oil spills from waters using silicone rubber "sponges", Journal of Dispersion Science and Technology. Design of copolymers with tunable randomness using discontinuous molecular dynamics simulation Macromolecules. Dispersion of cellulose crystallites by nonionic surfactants in a hydrophobic polymer matrix Polymer Engineering and Science.

Formation and properties of responsive siloxane-based polymeric surfaces with tunable surface reconstruction kinetics Advanced Functional Materials. Autophobicity-driven surface segregation and patterning of core-shell microgel nanoparticles. Nano Letters. Lin, S. Purdue, H. Lin, J. Meredith, and A.

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