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Current Biology , 22 , RR Law and Philosophy , 31 , Transfer of Property. Enhancing Authenticity. Journal of Applied Philosophy , 28 : Analytic Philosophy , 52 , Moore on Moral Twin Earth, Erkenntnis , 75 : Culture by Nature , Philosophical Explorations 14 : Resisting Weakness of the Will.

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Scientists and the Folk have the same Concepts. The Moral Significance of Phenomenal Consciousness. Neuroethics: Ethics and the Sciences of the Mind. Recent Developments in Free Will.


Luck and History-Sensitive Compatibilism. Does Phenomenology Overflow Access? Norms, Conventions, and Psychopaths.

The Responsibility of the Psychopath Revisited. Radically Socialized Knowledge and Conspiracy Theories. Episteme , 4 : Rethinking Neuroethics in the Light of Radical Externalism. Doxastic Responsibility. Determinist Deliberations. What Evolves When Morality Evolves? Studies in the History and Philosophy of Science.


Autonomy and Addiction. Open-Mindedness and the Duty to Gather Evidence. Addiction, Autonomy and Ego-Depletion. The Wisdom of the Pack.

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The Good, the Bad and the Blameworthy. Contrastive Explanations: A Dilemma for Libertarians. Downshifting and Meaning in Life. McGraw Hill, Epistemic Akrasia and the Subsumption of Evidence. Self-Deception and Moral Responsibility. Self-Deception and Responsibility for Addiction. Cultural Membership and Moral Responsibility. Analytic and Continental Philosophy: Explaining the Differences. Excusing Responsibility for the Inevitable. R econsidering Cochlear Implants.

Illes and B.

Oxford University Press, forthcoming. Addiction, Responsibility and Ego-Depletion. Poland and G. This classification scheme is used by most libraries on campus to determine the shelf order of the books and collocates items by topic.

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Please report cases in which the information is inaccurate through the Contact Us link below. New waves in philosophy of mind. Subjects A limited number of items are shown. Click to view More Philosophy of mind. Summary Philosophy of mind is one of the core disciplines in philosophy. The questions that it deals with are profound, vexed and intriguing.

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This volume of 15 new cutting-edge essays gives young researchers a chance to stir up new ideas. The essays cover a wide range of topics, including the nature of consciousness, cognition, and action.