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Faculty and students apply theory to practice in real-world settings, keeping pace with a rapidly growing information society and engaging in digital innovation It is community-driven and developed to prepare you as a working professional in the areas of communication, critical thinking and leadership.

Communications And The Arts (Top Careers In Two Years)

Join for free. Student sign in. Masters of Arts. Other options within this field of study:. Online Graduate Certificates Courses. Master Degrees. Masters of Science.

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Distance learning. MA in Communication and Rhetorical Studies. September Read More. Master of Arts in Communication and Leadership. Master of Arts in Communication and Leadership In Plato's Republic, he discusses the appropriate training that should be a part of educating political leaders.

MA in Communication Studies. The Master of Arts in Communication Studies with a concentration in Organizational Communication prepares students to focus on a wide variety of paradigms that link the p William Paterson University of New Jersey. The master of arts in professional communication at William Paterson University helps students develop knowledge and proficiencies to seek professional advancement and in Master of Arts in Professional Communication MA The master of arts in professional communication at William Paterson University helps students develop knowledge and proficiencies to seek professional advancement and increase their marketability in a variety of competitive industries.

Master of Arts in Strategic Communication. Learn to drive strategic initiatives and craft persuasive messaging campaigns that get results with the University of Delaware's online Master of Arts in Strategic Commun June Master of Arts in Communication and Rhetorical Studies. The graduate program in communication and rhetorical studies CRS provides a vibrant and dynamic environment for students hoping to pursue further study in communication Overview The graduate program in communication and rhetorical studies CRS provides a vibrant and dynamic environment for students hoping to pursue further study in communication studies.

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Communicate for a Cause: Advocacy and Social Impact Concentration Focus your passion for positive social change in communication techniques that engage and mobilize audiences to action. Curriculum Highlights Create and manage advocacy and social change campaigns based on core-messaging principles and audience-research techniques Apply social-science theories to drive strategies that achieve desired behavior-change outcomes Master social media strategies and tactics Learn state-of-the-art digital advocacy and organizing techniques Understand the legal and ethical principles that guide communication practice With a strong focus on both theory and practice, SHU's Master's in Strategic Communications and Public Relations program will help you gain the experience, knowledge, and Gain valuable, hands-on experience through internships and projects that take place in real-world, professional settings.

Experienced Faculty. Our faculty is comprised of award-winning scholars and media professionals that close the gap between theory and practice.

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A Portfolio That Stands Out. Graduate with a strong digital portfolio that sets you apart from the competition. Commitment to Ethical Communications. With an increased international focus on media transparency, this program emphasizes responsible communication practices. Career Outlook Master of Arts in Communication. January Our credit MA in Public Relations provides students with the tools necessary to become practitioners, change-makers and leaders.

This advanced degree is associated with a superior skill set of research and presentation in business communications.

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What is an MA in Communication? A Master of Arts in Communication is a postgraduate degree that provides students advanced research, writing, and presenting skills.

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Students will typically investigate topics based on a broad range of course subject matters that will apply their academic experience to their careers. Students learn the best methods to gather the data and present the applicable results in writing and in public speaking.

The education students receive in the process of earning this degree readies them for a variety of business relations positions. Through research, organization of material, and presentation of results that use methods tailored toward the course subject and related career trajectory, students develop expertise that places them in the top ranks of their peers in the business communications fields. The length of time it takes to complete coursework towards this advanced degree varies based on the different requirements of individual programs, and as a result the cost varies across institutions.

Prospective students should check with each institution to get a clear vision of the cost in time and tuition required to complete the program. The knowledge and experience gained is relevant to a variety of managerial communications fields, such as marketing, public relations, and organizational communications. Students use their degrees to enter public relations for companies, becoming the public spokesperson for the organization.

They may write or present responses to inquiries, answer media questions live, or craft information releases. Marketing opportunities also use communication skills; students use their research and presentation skills to create messages. Communicating messages effectively is needed in positions within organizations, as well.

Prospective students can find the right institution to pursue their degree by searching our extensive database of schools and compare coursework, location, and cost to their needs and career goals. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form. The Digital Communication and Communication Technologies track focuses on communication in corporations, organizations and human relations.

In this track, students invest The M. Students utilize state-of-the-art technology and sharpen their communication competencies and knowledge base in a dynamic and highly interactive environment reflecting real-world scenarios. Since its inception, the Programme had been partially supported by Hong Kong government educational subsidies up until September when it became fully self-financed.

The change in the source of funding was accompanied by an opening of the Programme, for the first time, to Mainland and other overseas students and the addition of the full-time study mode. In September , a total of 92 students were admitted to the Programme, approximately two thirds local Hong Kong students and one-third mainlanders. The students divide more or less equally into part-time study mode Hong Kong students only and full-time study mode both from Hong Kong and outside Students will gain the tools needed for communication and public relations in global entities of this nature and will also pay particular attention to the practices of diplomacy, institutional relations, and corporate communication as responses to the increasingly urgent need for companies to achieve social legitimacy The New England College Master of Arts MA in Professional Writing is an accelerated month online program that provides individualized student-centered instruction focused on new and traditional writing-based media.

The credit program combines innovative theoretical, creative and practical foundations to prepare students for challenges in the dynamic and rapidly evolving field of professional writing.

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Students are mentored by highly skilled instructors to apply their knowledge and writing skills to cutting-edge communication challenges. The MA in Global Communications is an interdisciplinary, hybrid academic program that produces expert communications professionals and scholars. Taught by an international faculty made up of intellectual and professional leaders in their fields, the program is designed to help you find a pathway to future success in your career.

Our curriculum is always being adapted to meet emerging needs.

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We welcome students with a wide range of interests and provide expert academic and practical training on topics spanning:. Through the M. It is mean to nurture students into becoming the catalyst of human development f At IUMW, our main business is providing you with quality and globally relevant education in Professional Communication.

Our Master of Arts Professional Communication programme has been tailored to empower our students with analytical and synthesising skills of up to date practices in the communication and media industry that includes social media, integrated marketing communication, media convergence and digital culture. Your educational journey has been meticulously designed to unlock full potential towards pursuing professional certification and postgraduate studies. All these and much more in unique education package inclusive of a vibrant university life in the heart of Kuala Lumpur Our Strategic Marketing Communication program prepares graduates for a diverse range of careers in marketing and communications on both the agency side and the client side, giving you the unique capacity to apply your marketing skills in virtually any industry worldwide.

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Email: custserv factsonfile. Details Related Titles. Summary High school graduates with an interest in communications and the arts can find many in-demand careers with a two-year degree.